5 Reasons Fresh Content Is Vital For Your Website SEO

No doubt you have heard the phrase content is king before. Its well used in the online marketing world, perhaps in fact over used at times , however the fact remains that when it comes to your website, content really is King. Lets take a look at the 5 reasons fresh content is vital for your website SEO.

5 reasons fresh content is vital for your website SEOMaking sure that you can have great content before your website launches is one of the most important jobs that you could, however what a lot of business owners fail to realise is that after the website goes live, its just as important to keep your website content fresh and up to date!

There are so many different ways you can keep your website content fresh, Update your homepage content , or your other website pages like your about pages or events pates, you could change your photo gallery around or add some new video content.

However the easiest way to update your content on your website is to have a blog on the site that you add to a couple of times a month.

While its true there are many many reasons this subject is important we are going to focus on the top 5 reasons fresh content is vital to your website SEO. Mainly because anymore would be overwhelming and if you focus on these 5 reasons then you won’t go far wrong.

If this seems like a lot of work for you, then just read on to discover why having fresh content on your website is Vital to your websites success!

5 Reasons Fresh Content Is Vital To Your Websites Success

Fresh Quality Content Increases Your Websites Authority

The more quality content that your website has the more it will seem like an authority resource in your respective niche.

Not only will your customers love you for being a go to resource but Google love websites that provide real quality to the end user, the more your website does that, the more Google will view it as an authority website and the higher it will rank in the search engines as a result!

It’s a win win, not only will your website be a real resource your clients want to visit time and time again, but it will also be one in the eyes of Google meaning they will push you further up the search engine rankings , allowing your website to be seen by more potential customers!

It Keeps Your Audience Engaged With Your Website

If your website is filled with great content, that your visitors are grateful for and find it really useful and informative (or funny and entertaining depending on the purpose of your website) then they will be more inclined to come back and visit time and time again.

Not only that but they will recommend your website to others as well. They could be more inclined to share it on their social media pages or feature it on their own blogs or websites! Which in turn drives more traffic to your website.

Even more importantly than that though the more engaged visitors  are with your website the more they will be inclined to sign up to your opt in or newsletter sign up and of course the more engaged they are with your website, then the more likely they are to become customers. Which of course is the main aim of your website.

Google Loves Up To Date Sites

If you are aiming to hit the heights with Google and drive visitors to your website using the search engines, then keeping your content and inormation up to date will be vital for you.

Google LOVES sites who keep their page content updated, giving website visitors the best most up to date information. Therefore enuring your pages are kept up to date will give your site a huge boost.

Updating your website with latest news on your business and its services or the niche you are in can only be a good thing.

Though a note of caution don’t update for updating’s sake, make sure its something that will add quality to the site for the visitor as well, its them you are ultimately marketing to, not Google so always keep that in mind when carrying out your updates.

This will be vital to any SEO campaign you run.

More Content Means More Keywords

When you create new content for your website, you increase opportunities for your site to contain more keywords.

Keywords are high on the must have list for search engine indexing and ranking. Reguarly added content, like blog posts, allows you to optimize the post with relevant keywords that can attract visitors to your site.

The more visitors you can attract to your website, the more customers your website is likely to bring in!

So look at it this way, the more content on your website, the more keywords your website is likely to have. The more keywords your website has the more things it will rank for, the more search phrases your website has the more traffic your website is likely to get , the more traffic you get then that will bring in more customers!


We have touched on it in each of the previous points, but its so important I wanted to go over it once more. Fresh content is vital to your websites SEO campaign.

Having your website rank in Google for various search phrases could be vital to its success. The more you rank for , the more visitors you will bring into your website.

Fresh quality content is one of top of Google’s must have list when it comes to ranking websites. The fresher the content on your website the more the search engines will love you for it!

So if you are looking for a way to really improve visitor numbers to your website then come up with a content plan for your website, trust me when the visitors number to your site start to rocket, you will be so glad that you did!