Ask any website designer what one of their experiences have been when it comes to designing a client website and they will all tell you its those projects where either the client doesn’t know what they want from their website or worse does know but doesn’t convey that information to you before the project begins.

Trust me, your website designer wants nothing more than to create you your perfect website, one that looks amazing, has all the features you want and that will help your business be a success.

However in order for this to happen we need not only what your expectations are for your website but how you envisage it working in your business to your target audience.

Here are 5 things we need to know before we create your website:

What is the purpose of your website going to be?

Are you looking for an information site, that acts a little like a brochure and tells people what they can expect from your business. Or are you looking for a website that helps you grow an email list and sell your products and services? Perhaps you need an ecommerce website or a membership site?

Before we even think about designing your website, we need to know what the purpose of it will be, what actions you want your Ideal customer to take when they get to your site!


We need to know what your brand is, what is your colour palette. Which fonts do you use? Do you have a logo? What about graphics? Then there is your brand message? What message does your website need to align to?

Target Audience

Who are we targeting with your website? Your target audience or “Ideal Customer Avatar” will play a large part in how your website looks in terms of design and how the content flows etc.

We have to make sure that your website is aligned with your ideal customers.

Content, Content , Content

Before we begin to design your website, we will need your content. Most designers (or at least the really good ones) prefer to design around your content as then they can make sure the two are designed perfectly for each other.

If you design first then try to shoe horn in the content it can spoil the flow of your website and this will end up costing you as visitors are more likely to click off of your website if the flow doesn’t feel right.


Images will play a massive part of how your website ends up looking. Its no lie that images can make or break a website.

So as well as making sure you have your content in place before the design begins , the same is true of the images for your site.

Where possible use professional images and high end styled stock images. The better the quality of the images you use the more professional and high end your website will end up looking!

So there you have it, the 5 things we need to know before we begin to design your website! Its really simple when you think about it, its just making sure your site fits in perfectly with your business and brand!