How To Back Up Your WordPress Website in 5 Easy Steps

This post is going to focus on how to back up your WordPress Website in 5 easy steps. Backing up your WordPress website is VITAL. Its honestly one of the most important things you can do for your business is to ensure that you regularly back up your entire website.

However despite this most people either don’t know what a back up is, don’t know why they should back up and don’t know how to back up their site.

Well imagine that one day you got up and your website was gone? Or the design was still there but all the content was completely missing! How terrible would you feel if you lost years worth of content, hours after hours of work and effort? If your clients and customers couldn’t access your website products and services, how terrible would that be for your business reputation?

Don’t assume it won’t happen to you, servers crash, sites get hacked these things can happen to the best of us, so its worth taking the 10 mins or so required to back up.

Thankfully there is an easy way to avoid this and it is to regularly create a back up, just follow these 5 easy steps on how to back up your WordPress Website!

How To Back Up Your WordPress Website

Step 1:

Install the Duplicator plug in – this will allow you to clone, duplicate, backup and move your website. This is a free plug in, just follow the link and download the plug in!


How To Back Up Your WordPress Website

Step 2:

Go to the duplicator tab in your admin section and click create new package.

How to back up your wordpress website

Step 3:

Click next to scan your website:


Back Up Your WordPress Website

Step 4:

Select build – the plug in will then create the back up of your website:

Step 5:

Download both the installer file and the zip file.


Congratulations you now have a complete back up of you WordPress website and it will have taken you less than 10 minutes!