While we are firm believers in the fact that your website is one of the area’s of your business that you should be investing in, we also realise that for some entrepreneurs when you are first starting out in business it can be hard to justify the costs of a website.

Which leads us onto DIY website design, a route many start up or bootstrapping business are tempted to go down. Which is completely understandable

However the problem is, DIY websites are not as easy to create as they seem. (maybe you know this already)

It’s often tricky to get the layout correct and it’s really too easy to miss some of the vital components your website needs!

So what are the biggest mistakes of DIY websites?

Thinking Simple Means Easy

So you have decided that you are going to create your own website. Great! Then you decide that when it comes to design you will go go for something really simple and classic as not only will that look great but it will make it easier to design!

Nope, this is where you have already made your first mistake before you even begin the design process. Clean and simple are NEVER easy!

Creating a clean and simple website is actually hard to pull off, you need it to look very sophisticated and everything has to gel together perfectly otherwise …….. Well it looks a bit cheap and amateurish.

If you are going to DIY your website, it’s actually better to go for something a bit more design focussed as it can help hide some web design sins!

Forgetting Your Calls To Action

The main purpose of your website is to help you grow your business. This is true no matter type of website you have (informational, e-commerce, membership etc) one way or another the aim is to help your business grow.

Yet despite this all too often DIY websites for to add a call to action! This could be a button asking people to contact you, to buy or in the form of an opt in that you use to help you grow your list.

Always remember your website is there to help your business grow, it should be one of your top marketing resources so make sure it has the tools it needs to do this!

Forgetting About SEO

One of the biggest mistakes people make when setting up their own website is forgetting to optimise it to be found in the search engines.

Then you wonder why your traffic numbers are low and why you aren’t page one of Google.

Only to dig a little deeper and realise that you have carried out any onsite SEO when you were setting up your website!

If your website is a WordPress website then use a plug in like all in one SEO or SEO yoast to help you carry out your onsite SEO effectively.

Not being mobile ready.

Web searches these days are moving more and more towards mobile. Meaning we are using our phones and tablets more than ever before to browse the internet.

So much so Google are now rewarding websites that are “mobile ready” in fact they are now moving towards mobile first searches,

Meaning your website rankings will depend on how mobile friendly your site is. So when creating your website make sure your site is mobile friendly, you can run your site through Googles own mobile friendly test to make sure.

So these are just some of the main pitfalls to avoid if you are going to DIY your own website.

Always remember for some people your website is the first contact they will have with your business and you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!