Biggest Mistakes Of A DIY Website

While we are firm believers in the fact that your website is one of the area’s of your business that you should be investing in, we also realise that for some entrepreneurs when you are first starting out in business it can be hard to justify the costs of a website....

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Why isn’t anyone coming to my website?

Why isn’t anyone coming to my website?  Is a question I see a lot out there on Facebook groups, you have the shiny new website, it’s launched and then ……………… Well lets just say they aren’t exactly beating your door in terms of visitor numbers? We have seen it with...

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Why Your Website Isn’t About You!

Why Your Website Isn't About You So the good news is you have a website for your business and if you are lucky you have a really kick ass website one that has all the pages and features that you want it to have, you have sales pages, about you pages and you feel your...

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