Why Your Website Isn’t About You

Why Your Website Isn't About You

So the good news is you have a website for your business and if you are lucky you have a really kick ass website one that has all the pages and features that you want it to have, you have sales pages, about you pages and you feel your website showcases you perfectly!

Thats great but here’s the thing your website isn’t actually about you. I know you might have thought it was, what with it being all about your business and brand, but I hate to break it to you but your website really isn’t about you.

Its for your customers. Your Website should be all about how you can help them, what your product and services can offer them and their lives. How you can solve their problems, fill their desire factor and make their lives richer.


Regardless of what niche you are in, your website should be there to tell your potential customers what you can offer then and how you can make their lives better.

Its so important that you realise that is your end game for your website, so that the design, offers and website copy all fulfil that brief.

Of course to make sure that your website can be all that and more to your customers then you have to fully understand who your customers are and what it is they are looking for, so make sure before you start work on your website that you have created your ideal customer avatar and then use that as the brief for your website!